Horse Boarding

Looking to board a horse in the Buffalo NY area? Find a nearby boarding facility that fits the needs of you and your horse. Individualized and full care boarding are offered by local horse farms, stables and equestrian centers.

Boarding for Horses

Short term and longer term boarding for your horse typically includes a stall with daily cleaning, hay and grain feeds, matted stalls, daily turn out to graze, run and socialize. Access to riding arenas (indoor and or outdoor arenas) and riding trails, and heated common areas may also be available where you board your horse.

Farriers Address Zipcode
Big House Equestrian Center
585 507-3397
15 Avon Road
Geneseo NY 14454
Blue Skies Farm and Rescue
716 364-3036
4050 Ransom Road
Clarence NY 14031
Brookfield Farms Equestrian Center
716 759-8200
5315 Salt Rd
Clarence NY 14031
Buffalo Equestrian Center
716 877-9295
950 Amherst Street
Buffalo NY 14216
Burdock Farms
716 982-1770
9992 Tice Rd
Eden NY 14057
Hasty Hills Farm
585 457-9819
1326 Pit Rd
Java Center NY 14082
Heberle Stables
585 654-9027
751 Browncroft Blvd
Rochester NY 14625
High Time Stables at Sugar Brook Farm
716 652-1440
1851 Four Rod Rd
East Aurora NY 14052
Hunters Ridge
716 622-7303
7667 Akron Rd
Lockport, NY 14094
Hy Wynne Farm
716 542-9841
56 Buell St
Akron NY 14001
Jaxon’s Sky Equestrian Center
716 672-9046
7613 Behm Rd
West Falls NY 14170
Laurelin Farm
716 532-9434
2920 Route 39
Collins NY 14034
Legacy Equestrian Center
716 580-7208
5940 Newhouse Road
East Amherst NY 14051
Newstead Equestrian Center
716 542-3064
7579 Maple Road
Akron NY 14001
Northland Farm
585 762-4383
2040 Main Road
Corfu NY 14036
P & B Ranch
716 307-3511
8536 Center Rd
Holland NY 14080
Quaker Field Equestrian
716 667-7669
4760 Freeman Rd
Orchard Park NY 14127
Quillin LTD
716 725-1575
6501 Clinton St
Elma NY 14059
Skibbereen Farm
5142 Bussendorfer Road
Orchard Park NY 14127
Walnut Grove Farm
716 937-6910
11564 Genesee Street
Alden NY 14004
White Oak Farm
716 773-3933
2655 Fix Rd
Grand Island NY 14072
Windy Pines Farm
716 560-6116
10379 Crump Road
Holland, NY 14080

Boarding Stables

A stable is a building in which livestock, especially horses, are kept. It most commonly means a building that is divided into separate stalls for individual animals. There are many different types of stables in use today; the American-style barn, for instance, is a large barn with a door at each end and individual stalls inside or free-standing stables with top and bottom-opening doors. The term "stable" is also used to describe a group of animals kept by one owner, regardless of housing or location.

The exterior design of a stable can vary widely, based on climate, building materials, historical period and cultural styles of architecture. A wide range of building materials can be used, including masonry (bricks or stone), wood and steel. Stables also range widely in size, from a small building housing one or two animals to facilities at agricultural shows or race tracks that can house hundreds of animals.

The horse stable is historically the second-oldest building type on the farm. Free-standing stables began to be built from the 16th century. They were well built and placed near the house because the horses were highly valued and carefully maintained. Horses were once vital to the economy and an indicator of their owners' position in the community.

Traditionally, stables in Great Britain had a hayloft on their first (i.e. upper) floor and a pitching door at the front. Doors and windows were symmetrically arranged. Their interiors were divided into stalls and usually included a large stall for a foaling mare or sick horse. The floors were cobbled (or, later, bricked) and featured drainage channels.

For horses, stables are often part of a larger complex which includes trainers, vets and farriers, tack rooms, laundry facilities, and foaling stalls.