Tack Shops

Listing of stores for equestrian supplies in the Buffalo and WNY area. Shop for saddles, bridles and other riding and stable equipment.

Equestrian Supply Stores

Shop for horseback riding apparel, riding boots
and horse care products in the Buffalo
and Western New York area

Tack - Saddles Address Zipcode
Stagecoach West
800 648-1121
393 NY-5
Irving NY 14081
Sunbridge Saddlery
585 468-5234
8318 Creek Road
Nunda NY 14517
Jansen Saddlery
716 662-1030
3904 N Buffalo St
Orchard Park NY 14127
Dover Saddlery
716 428-5674
7970 Transit Rd
Williamsville NY 14221
Patchwork Saddlery
585 319-9799
2698 Pole Bridge Rd
Avon NY 14414
Allegany Mountain Saddlery
716 257-9574
10999 Persia Rd
Gowanda NY 14070
Creekside Saddlery
716 537-2616
7687 Olean Rd
Holland NY 14080
Trufit Saddle Inc
716 435-6051
2565 Bowen Rd
Elma NY 14059

What is a Tack Shop?

A tack shop is an equestrian supply store. Shoppers may purchase various pieces of riding equipment and training aids, as well as boots and riding apparel, stable equipment, horse care products, grooming supplies, horse blankets and sheets, model horses, and equine books, magazines, and videos.

Some tack shops are geared to a certain type of riding, such as English, Western-style, or Saddle seat. Online tack shops also provide many of the same products to their buyers. Tack shops are often run in conjunction with equestrian facilities.

In many tack shops, the staff is quite knowledgeable and able to assist with making a decision on an appropriate piece of equipment or product . Additionally, some tack shops offer services such as saddle fitting and tack repair.

Usually, horse feed and hay are not sold in tack shops. However a good supply  of supplements are likely to be available.

A Silver Saddle and Bridle

A marvelous silver saddle and bridle were brought by a citizen of Santa Barbara and shown in a recent parade, says the San Diego Sun. The saddle and bridle, manufactured of bullion from Mexican dollars, are exquisite works of art.

The saddle is of typical Mexican pattern, with a high pommel, well hollowed seat and the most elaborate of trappings. The leather is stamped with elegant designs, and the whole thing is a complete, costly and elaborate equipment of good taste and artistic design, and was an interesting feature of the parade.

This work was done at Santa Barbara in 1889 and has just been completed for the parade. The saddle is studded over with silver ornaments. The leather facings are set thick with buttons and rosettes, the pommel is incased in silver, the corders of the aprons are tipped with silver, the stirrups are faced and edged with silver half an inch thick, elaborately chased and carved.

The saddle-tree is hung with silver rings fore and aft to answer all the requirements of the vaquero in lacing up his riata.

The girth, which passes under the horse’s belly and cinches the saddle in place, is woven of hair from horses’ manes by a native artisan and is fully eight inches broad, with a tassel hanging at its middle.

The saddle, the bridle and all the appointments are marvels of beauty. The reins, martingale and whip are composed of solid silver in woven strands.

The headstall is covered with fluted silver, with large engraved silver rosettes at the sides, with decorations of flowers and heads of wheat, with an elaborate nose piece with silver engraving. The side pieces are of silver, massive and ornate, with a silver chain under the horse’s jaw.