Horse Trainers

Here is where to find a trainer for your horse in the Buffalo NY area. Get training for equestrian event competition, starting a young horse, pleasure riding, dressage, rodeo etc.

List of Trainers

Find a professional horse trainer in Western New York

Horse Trainers Address Zipcode
Big House Equestrian Center
585 507-3397
15 Avon Road
Geneseo NY 14454
Blue Skies Farm and Rescue
716 364-3036
4050 Ransom Road
Clarence NY 14031
Fox Run Equestrian LLC
716 725-3639
1307 Porterville Road
East Aurora NY 14052
High Time Stables at Sugar Brook Farm
716 652-1440
1851 Four Rod Rd
East Aurora NY 14052
Hy Wynne Farm
716 542-9841
56 Buell St
Akron NY 14001
Laurelin Farm
716 532-9434
2920 Route 39
Collins NY 14034
Legacy Equestrian Center
716 580-7208
5940 Newhouse Road
East Amherst NY 14051
Mangold Ranch Versatility
716 201-6229
4870 Upper Mountain Road
Lockport, NY 14094
Quillin LTD
716 725-1575
6501 Clinton St
Elma NY 14059
Walnut Grove Farm
716 937-6910
11564 Genesee Street
Alden NY 14004

Horse Trainers Prospectus (1912)

Every owner of an unruly horse or colt will be intensely interested in the announcement that Prof. Jesse Beery, world-famous as the King of Horse Trainers and Tamers, without charge, will give you a copy of his wonderful Horse-Trainer's  Prospectus.

Every horse lover, young or old, who is ambitious to make a big success will find this book a stepping stone to a money-making profession. All who love horses will want to know what the greatest horse trainer in the world knows about controlling these noblest animals of the brute creation.

King of Horse Trainers and Tamers

Prof Beery was tremendously successful in giving exhibitions of his marvelous skill in training horses and mastering seemingly dangerous stallions. He traveled all over the United States, thrilling vast audiences everywhere. Honors were showered upon him by admiring thousands. He has now retired from his marvelous career in the arena and is giving the world the benefit of his priceless knowledge, having established a correspondence system of horsemanship, the only instruction of its kind in the world.

Prof Beery's System of Horse Training enables you to turn horses whose unruliness or bad habits make them difficult and unsalable, into valuable, useful animals. Prof. Beery is unalterably opposed to harsh, cruel treatment of horses. His methods are humane, safe, simple and successful even in the most extreme cases. You can learn to tell any horse's disposition at first sight.

Only 8 Hours to Train a Colt!

By Prof. Beery's simple method you can train a colt in eight hours to be absolutely trustworthy. There is lots of money in breaking colts and curing horses of bad habits. The horse training field is unlimited.

The career of a professional Horse Trainer offers remarkable money-making opportunities, at home or traveling. Those who have mastered Prof. Beery's System are making all the way from $1,200 to $3,000 a year. Owners gladly pay $15 to $25 a head to have unruly, tricky horses broken of bad habits or to have green colts properly trained. A good horse trainer is the most independent person on earth. Drop the horse trainer in any community, among total strangers, and he will be making all kinds of money in no time.

Some of Prof. Beery's graduates are traveling, giving exhibitions in cities. Some now own profitable training stables. Some are getting rich buying up cast-off kickers, troubled equines, tricksters and horses "afraid-of-autos" for next to nothing, handling them a few days and selling at tremendous profit.

J.O.Brown, Cameron MO, writes: "Last month I made $90 training colts, besides doing my regular farm work."

S.M.Ryder, Mercersburg PA, writes: "I am making money buying 3-year-old kickers cheap, handling them a few days and selling them, perfectly broken, at a large profit."

0.B.Hill, Robinson IL, writes: "Three weeks ago I paid $125 for a 5-year-old kicker. Yesterday I sold her for $225."

Great Free Book on Prof Beery's System of Horse Training

This book is an eye-opener on the whole subject of Horse Training. Prof Beery's lessons are simple, thorough and practical. The book shows the possibilities of the profession for anyone who likes horses. It is a large, handsome, illustrated book. Tells how Prof Beery became the King of Horse Trainers and Horse Tamers. How you can learn to do what he has done, in spare time. Are you ambitious to make money, to make a name for yourself? Follow the teachings of Prof Beery and become a master horseman! Do you own a horse that you can't handle? Then write for the Horse-Trainer's Prospectus today. Tell me all about your horse.